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Fascinating Diamonds – Best Diamond Grading Service

Why I Think Fascinating Diamonds is Awesome Best Diamond Grading Service

I had such a tough time look for a diamond ring for my involvement. I tried my nearest jewelry store and retailer, but I just couldn’t find the right ring. It was all gorgeous, but none of them felt just right for me. Imagine me searching for months…just for a single ring!

It was not until a friend phoned me and asked me to try out She told me the site did custom made rings and was much cheaper compared to other jewelry stores. I found that Fascinating Diamonds is a jewelry shop based in New York City. They have a small portion of their store where they let the customers design and bedazzle their own rings for them. At first, I really thought the whole thing was a scam. I had over $4000 dollars to invest and I was not willing to lose that much money. But I have been looking for months, so I decided to give this one a try. Best Diamond Grading Service

The Site Really Lets You Customize Your Ring 

Initially, I was very skeptical of businesses that sell customized products online because:

  • I believed the whole thing was a scam; and
  • Even if they were not, I felt like they’ve limited templates.

But this website had far more templates than I realized. Their website has a huge variety of things to select from. I got to choose my own ring style, my own metal band, and my own diamonds! I even got to select the colors, which was really remarkable. I initially wanted a silver solitaire ring with a excellent emerald cut. While I was tinkering around with the choices a bit, I decided to change my mind and go with a round cut and a bronze band instead. It was easy to do that here and play around with the diamond shapes, colors, and styles until I got what I wanted. Additionally, their site is really simple to use! I found it tricky at first since I am not too familiar with customizing products. But really, it’s like playing a video game of SIMS in which you create your own character. In cases like this, I made my own ring. Best Diamond Grading Service

The Diamonds Are GIA Certified

I did a bit of research on diamonds before I decided to tackle this online store. I discovered that it was best that my diamond ring was GIA certified to guarantee that it’ll shine the brightest and last the longest. This actually caused a lot of worry on my part because I was buying online. I mean I knew so little about online shops, much less ones that let you customize your ring. I was really worried because I thought that the diamonds were fake. But, early on, I was informed that all the diamonds there are real and GIA certified. And it really showed when I got my custom ring, all shiny and gorgeous .

You Can Measure How Much You Spend

Their custom made ring really saved me a few thousand dollars. I believe their rings cost a general average of $2000 at most. For rings with round diamonds at the least. I still think it’s a enormous economy considering that other retail stores ask for more than that sometimes. At least you have a concrete reason as to why your ring prices how it does. The price of a ring depends a lot on the type of metal the band is, the diamond’s shape (or diamonds if you anticipate using more than one gem on your ring), and the 4Cs of the diamond itself: carat weight, cut, color and clarity.

Unlike retail stores, Fascinating Diamonds actually lets you examine the costs of the diamond gem, the ring, and the overall style while you’re building the ring. This can let you make affordable choices without sacrificing the quality you want. By way of instance, I wanted to buy a ring with a round diamond that has an excellent cut. However a round diamond with an fantastic cut can easily cost from $600 to $1000. That’s just one part of the ring. Best Diamond Grading Service

How did I pick? The site lets me know that a round excellent cut diamond with 0.35 carats, an E color grade, and a clarity grade of VS1 can cost you $1007. Meanwhile, another exceptional cut diamond with 0.4 carats, a color grade of I, and an SI1 clarity grade cost you $603. The artists behind the site guaranteed that no one would see the gap. The choice became so easy for me. If it sounds too technical for you, don’t worry. The staff is very accommodating; they will actually give you a rundown on what you need to know in case you ever get stuck.

Their Service is Amazing!

The jewelry artists supporting Fascinating Diamonds are amazing! They were so meticulous in the way they managed my requests, big or small. Sometimes, they’d even throw in their own ideas and pick the style that will fit me best. This was unlike any experience I had with retail stores. They handled all my questions so well.

It was clear that they do, however, considering that they customize your ring to satisfy your needs. They also ship out of New York, too! Since the shop’s based in New York and I’m not, I was expecting the transport might last longer than normal. But the entire interaction was really smooth and I was really delighted with my ring as it came. Best Diamond Grading Service

What You Will Need To Know First Best Diamond Grading Service

I believe it’s best if you do a bit of research on rings before customizing your own. There’s a lot you will need to know about jewelry first before getting into this, especially when you want to check into how much you’re spending.

While the artists were accommodating, I honestly think that this can’t be for somebody who’s has not done their research on diamond rings ahead. In addition, it is a lot simpler if you already have a specific style in mind. But then again, it was fun playing around with the styles and the colors it was simple to change my mind.

Conclusion Best Diamond Grading Service

For someone who knows what they want but can’t really find it everywhere, is the best place for you.

But if you’re a little indecisive about what you really want, it is also the perfect place to explore what you like and what you don’t like.

It’s really like one of those video games where you choose exactly what you get. It was an awesome experience for me and I could not be happier with the results.

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