I’ve been living in New York for almost ten years and I cannot remember the last time we felt 60 degree weather in November. By now we’re usually fighting over gloves at Macy’s or searching through our closets for a scarf. I’m at the point where I don’t know when to wear a coat and when to where shorts. In lieu of this fantastic warm weather, I pulled out my backless jumper to say goodbye to fall. Read More

All hail Kate Moss, all hail matte lips. Dare I say, a match made in heaven? Rimmel Lasting Finish is a collection of 10 lip colors by Kate Moss. They’re said to dry matte with a “lasting finish” that feels as velvety as cake. I picked up two essential colors from her collection: a deep red, #111, and a nude, #113. I gave them a run for their money as I do every lipstick that comes my way. You know me, if it ain’t high quality, I’m not keeping it! Check it out. Read More

Essential oils should be a must-have in your medicine closet. From skincare to cuts and scrapes, sore muscles, breathing, and aromatherapy, the list of benefits and uses are nearly endless. For hundreds of years, Tea Tree oil alone has been known for its wide range of medicinal and cleansing purposes; with the ability to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It can heal everything from wounds, to sore throats, and even skin problems. Read More

I noticed I had been distancing myself from my iPad Mini lately and I couldn’t figure out what was causing our disconnect. In a desperate move to save our marriage, I walked the aisles of Staples for an hour searching for the missing piece to our puzzle. At last, I came across a 2-in-1 pencil stylus; half pencil, half stylus. Could this really be the best move for us? Was I lacking the passion and emotion that I once had for my iPad because it was too big to maneuver? I mean it’s a Mini for Steve’s sake, how difficult could it be to use? Read More

I walked into BJ’s and leaned on the customer service counter when my phone lit up and prompted me to “Pay with Touch ID”. I looked up at the man helping me, grinning from ear to ear, and said “You guys have Apple Pay?!” I kid you not, he had no idea what I was talking about; has he been living under a rock since September 9th? I had the feeling there were a lot more stores that are now ready for Apple Pay so for the rest of my day I made sure to ask. Whole Foods, yes. Target, yes. Party City, no. My last stop; Ulta. I asked two young girls at the register and again, neither of them knew what Apple Pay was. Sensing the world was falling into oblivion at the brink of technological advancements, I felt the need to educate the unaware. This fool-proof guide explains what exactly Apple Pay is, step-by-step instructions on how to set up and purchase, and what stores/apps are participating. Are you ready?! Read More

You worked so hard during Summer to up your biceps and flatten your six pack just to cover it all up in 50 degree weather, huh? Well the cool temperature is here to stay for the next five months so take my advice and make the best of it. This Fall/Winter we’re focusing on layers. Whether you’re headed to the mall or spending the day in the city, layer your favorite pieces to create a unique statement. If you pair a statement piece, say for example a leather jacket, with different layers and colors each day, no one will notice you’ve worn it three days in a row. It helps to stretch out your closet so you’re not constantly thinking you need new clothes. Read More

Just one week ago, I transformed my locks into a much lighter and blonder ombre. The next day I looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe the contrast between my blonde hair and nearly black eyebrows. I lightened my eyebrows with an at-home bleach kit and then realized the only brow makeup I had was black! This product could not have came at a better time. Read More