If we were only meant to use the default apps that come in our iDevices, the App Store would have never been invented. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is the king of smooth, minimal, self-sustaining apps, but sometimes you just gotta explore other fish in the sea. While the default apps that I have replaced here are quite good on their own, I want to show you how you can up your game and get the most from your iPhone. Read More

On the third day of our trip, Jermaine had it in his head that he wasn’t leaving Florida without a brand new iPad. I love a boy with shiny tech gadgets so who was I to convince him otherwise?  We packed the car with some umbrellas and drinks then made our way to Miami for some ice cream and shopping. A few hundred dollar investment later, he was happy with his new tablet and I was sitting pretty in my maxi dress. Read More

We’re seeing them everywhere. Vintage, hippie-inspired photos of carefree girls with flowers in their hair all over Tumblr and Instagram. I know many people are creating their own by gluing fake flowers to a headband but when it comes to a statement piece as bold as this, quality is key. Look for a crown that’s properly filled with flowers, not spaced apart to expose the headband. If you’re choosing the DIY option, invest in high quality silk flowers. I spent a few weeks searching for a floral crown that felt just right and I finally found a shop on Etsy with the perfect floral hair pieces. Read More

I have been jailbreaking since the dawn of the iPhone but ever since iOS 7, Apple has made our lives damn near impossible. (iOS 7.1.1 has yet to see a jailbreak available to the public.) Jailbreaking has always given your iPhone unlimited possibilities to do things that cannot be done with the basic operating system. Apple hasn’t been sleeping on us though, they’ve taken notes and studied some of the best tweaks available on Cydia and even implemented them into iOS 7. One very special tweak that I can honestly say Apple will NEVER approve, is what I’m here to show you today. I warn you now that this might be a little time consuming, so if you’re looking for a quick button that generates a blank icon, this isn’t for you. I spent about an hour rearranging my icons until they felt just right. But nonetheless, fellow Apple fanboys will understand the importance of having a unique and clean home screen. Follow my step-by-step guide to customize your own iPhone/iPod/iPad. Read More

I’m starting backwards with my vacation lookbooks only because this outfit was my favorite. Day 4 was the most bittersweet day of all; I felt miserable for leaving, but I had the pleasure of spending time with one of my closest friends and introducing him to my boyfriend. He watched closely as my amazing photographer/boyfriend/super hero took photos of me strolling by the beach. Outfit details are at the bottom. Location: Las Olas. Read More

Four days flew by in what seemed like 30 seconds. When I walked off of that plane and stepped foot into New York, I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I almost wish the plane ride would have been longer. Maybe that would have given me more time to digest the idea of leaving my “home” for the place I currently reside in. I believe humans have the need/want to belong. Some attach themselves to people, others attach themselves to things, and the rest of us attach ourselves to our surroundings. I knew the moment we moved to New York in 2006, that I would never last here. Living in New York requires a special type of soul; one that can handle the fast life and crowded spaces. I have never stopped wishing I could feel the warmth of Florida soil and the beauty of each and every palm tree. The feeling of life that South Florida gives me is just unexplainable. Maybe it’s the reconnection to my childhood, maybe it’s the welcoming embrace from my best friends..

Dear South Flo,
I can’t wait to be with you again. Read More