You worked so hard during Summer to up your biceps and flatten your six pack just to cover it all up in 50 degree weather, huh? Well the cool temperature is here to stay for the next five months so take my advice and make the best of it. This Fall/Winter we’re focusing on layers. Whether you’re headed to the mall or spending the day in the city, layer your favorite pieces to create a unique statement. If you pair a statement piece, say for example a leather jacket, with different layers and colors each day, no one will notice you’ve worn it three days in a row. It helps to stretch out your closet so you’re not constantly thinking you need new clothes. Read More

Just one week ago, I transformed my locks into a much lighter and blonder ombre. The next day I looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe the contrast between my blonde hair and nearly black eyebrows. I lightened my eyebrows with an at-home bleach kit and then realized the only brow makeup I had was black! This product could not have came at a better time. Read More

Calling all barbies, baby dolls, and bombshells alike. Glamour Dolls Makeup is here to rock your world and guess who’s got front row seats for ya?! Last week I received the absolute cutest pink package wrapped in a white ribbon. I ripped open the envelope and out came pouring liners, lipsticks, glosses and oh, the sweetest personalized note. I dressed up in dolly fashion, blonde wig and all, and set up a mini makeup cocktail party to review these adorable goodies. Read More

I know what you’re thinking.. “How old is this girl? She’s still playing with legos!” But so what?! I just rejuvenated a totally unique and creative look for my desk with a bin of legos for $20. Jealous yet? Well, no need. I created some of the most common storage containers found on our desks using nothing more than Legos and I’m here to show you how. A pen holder, paper clip bin, post-it / business card holder, notes board, and a mini bookshelf. Let’s get started. Read More

Patiently, I wait… 365 days of the year until September 27th when I finally feel the cool fall breeze and a quiet voice from behind my shoulder whispering “It’s time to decorate”. No, seriously. Halloween is IT for me. 31 days of Halloween is my life, and I make sure to decorate every crevice of my house. This year I rid our holiday storage bins of any cheap, plastic decorations and blessed the house with a touch of Pottery Barn without the insane prices. To share my holiday inspiration with you guys, I took some photos of how I decorated this year and set up some DIY tips. Enjoy! :) Read More

Is it just me or does it feel like our closets are screaming for something new? I have two closets organized by ROYGBIV and although they’re visually appealing, every time I open those doors they look empty and lifeless. I spent a few hours last night scouring every inch of in search of new pieces to rejuvenate my wardrobe. I came up with four outfits to rock your world from Fall into Winter. Check them out! Read More

I hate starting an iPhone article with the word “Android”, but you guys know I love to give it to you straight. Widgets and custom keyboards have been a long time feature of almost every Android device (there are hundreds so I can’t speak for all of them). Yet my argument remains the same; it’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it best. Apple carefully scrutinizes every feature that is already available on Androids until they have mastered and perfected such an exquisite execution for 800 million iPhone users worldwide. iOS 8 came locked and loaded with customization features that only the vain have been missing. Let’s follow this step-by-step tutorial for easy installation. Read More