I’m drawn like a magnet to creative aesthetics with clean execution that can only be found in specific menswear brands. Aimé Leon Dore has been a godsend to those who value comfort in fashion. Created for the modern day gentleman on his off day, Aimé’s casual allure delivers an effortless combination of calm, cool, and collected. Read More

Subscription services are in abundance right now. You can subscribe to monthly doses of absolutely anything; a music service, food boxes, nail polish sets, makeup samples, skincare, baby diapers, household cleaners, you name it. Although the options are nearly endless, I don’t think I ever saw this particular one coming. Read More

Leave it to Ulta to get hip with the matte lipstick scene by creating their own Matte Lip Cream collection. Consisting of ten of the most wearable shades on the color wheel: nude, light pinks, bright pinks, vivid red, deep red, wine, and even blackberry. I picked up four colors during their Buy 2 Get 2 Free sale plus a $3.50 coupon. Do the math aaaand wellll… I made out like a champ. Read More

I have not addressed this issue publicly yet, I mean I’ve barely even said it out loud… so while we’re on this topic, let me just come clean. I have an insatiable addiction to fan brushes. Not just any type of fan brush, I steer clear of the small thin ones although I’m sure they fulfill their purpose. No no, I want ’em big, the bigger and fluffier the better. February’s maven box made my dreams come true by revealing a brand new addition to Julep’s ever growing brush collection. Read More

I’ve got lots and lots of pretty pictures of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIP COLOR OF THE YEAR. Yes, the year! Jeffree Star released a limited edition matte liquid lipstick in shade 714; a beautiful neon, pastel, peachy-coral. Instagram went nuts the moment it was released, so much that people have demanded for 714 to become a permanent addition to his velour liquid lipstick collection. Read More

I know what you’re thinking. “You’re so pale, why the hell didn’t you get the Light kit?” Well, let me explain. I studied @naye0na’s swatches thoroughly before making a decision on which kit to buy. The very first thing I noticed was the Light and Medium kits have 4 colors in common – Banana, Cream, Nude, and Cinnamon. Upon further inspection of the Light kit, I realized Vanilla would have been a nice highlighter for my skin tone but I know I would have never used Cool Pink. Then I took a deeper look into the Medium kit and boy it was love at second sight. That Warm Coral shade belonged on my cheeks, this color alone sold me on the whole kit. 47 minutes later I finally got through checkout and waited anxiously for this baby to arrive. Read More

It’s been one week since I turned on my computer. Five weeks since I’ve checked my email. Seven weeks since I’ve logged on to girlgeniuss.com. 117 days since my last post. What once seemed like second nature to me now feels like a distant memory. Waking up, checking my email, scribbling a to-do list, hours upon hours of shooting product shots and writing reviews, a couple more hours of editing, posting, promoting, tweeting, socializing. Squeeze a meal or two in there, and then back to bed. What happened to me? What have I been doing? Read More