Resurrected: G-Star Camo Lookbook

This month has been filled with reality checks for me and the only way I can progress is by addressing where I’ve gone wrong. I could’ve hit rock bottom and gave up on life but instead I faced my demons and invited them over for tea. Hard work and dedication will ALWAYS prevail, so pardon me while I show off what my momma gave me. I see no better way to announce my resurrection than to feature one of the absolute sickest jackets in my collection.     The oversized and natural sway of this jacket sends me chills each time I wear it. It is flawless, in every edge and every detail. I usually let the jacket steal......

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ios 9 wallpaper

I get it, I really do. One of the world’s greatest innovators of technology is feeling the pressure. Why wouldn’t they when we are constantly demanding more. WE WANT MORE AND WE WANT IT NOW BEFORE THIS SENTENCE EVEN ENDS. I can only imagine Jony Ive and his brilliant team scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off (ouch, that’s insensitive for a vegetarian). I mean this with the utmost respect; we overwhelm them with our insatiable needs to do more with our familiar pieces of technology that have become an extension of ourselves just as Jobs intended. Of course I won’t even deny that most of the time they WITHOUT-A-DOUBT deliver. However their speedy delivery never stops us......

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Shots Fired: The Do's & Don'ts Of A Healthy Breakup Recovery

It’s 8:25 am. The incline on this treadmill has been kicking my ass for 44 minutes and 29 seconds exact. I’m planning my next plan of attack while watching Transformers in the Cardio Cinema of my gym listening to Drake and Future’s newest collaboration. Multi-tasking at its finest over here. As I look around at the woman 2 treadmills away from me, I immediately start to wonder about her story. Why is she here? Why is she battling her treadmill just as much as I am with the determination of someone filled with rage? This distraction comes at a very important time in my life that somehow makes me realize I am not alone. I know your initial thought......

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flower makeup brushes review

We started at Ulta. An extensive, two-hour search for the perfect face powder brush. Most of my mother’s brushes were deteriorating and shedding, with bristles that felt as rough as a potato sack. We had already found every brush on her list except this one, a fluffy yet perfectly dense face powder brush. Was that too much to ask for? Ulta was a dead end, so of course we made our way to Sephora. Unfortunately the $50 price tag for a single brush wasn’t exactly something my mother would ever splurge on (I guess I’m the only brush collector in the family ). Feeling defeated, we didn’t give up we just stopped looking. That’s when a quick pitstop at......

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kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick

Kat Von D added 16 new shades to her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection just about a month ago. I contained my excitement as much as possible by only splurging on 9 colors. KVD’s liquid lipstick formula is hands down one of the best in the game. The application, longevity and pigmentation are only rivaled by ABH and even still I prefer KVD. The new additions to this everlasting and evergrowing collection have made her liquid lipstick color range one to beat....

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