The most underrated brand of cosmetics hands down! Wet n Wild is known for their super cheap line of makeup and nail polish collections that can be found in almost every drugstore world wide. I went in search of a cheaper alternative to designer makeup without sacrificing the quality and this is what I found. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color lasts hours even through eating, drinking, talking, sneezing, you name it. For the price, you should own every shade in the rainbow, but these are my top four colors for Fall ranging from nude to deep purple. Read More

This is normally where I would take the time to rant and rant about how the new iPhone is my dream phone and this is just what I’ve been waiting for and blah blah blah. But if you’ve had the 6 in your possession since Friday, you already know the deal. And if you haven’t, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I know every iPhone is always better than its predecessor, but this time Apple went above and beyond. To help you get the most from your shiny new Apple product, I’ve put together a guide with my favorite tips and tricks. These should also work for iOS 8 by the way, so give them a try! Read More

Next up is the most glamorous portion of our makeup routines, the eyes. I admit sometimes I’m too damn lazy to sort through my brushes and spend an hour painting my eye lids. So for me to recommend an entire eye palette, there must be something good here, eh? When I do invest time and money into a palette, I refuse to compromise quality; no matter the price. I do not own a single product from Lorac, so Lord knows how I ended up in that section of Ulta after I had already decided on IT Cosmetics Luxe Palette. I swiped a few colors on separate fingers just one time and I was sold. Read More

I know we’re all dreading Summer’s departure but at least the change of season calls for new makeup, new shoes, and while you’re at it; maybe a new wardrobe. Don’t get caught in your high-waisted shorts during knit sweater weather, embrace the change of season because now’s the time to prep. Part one of my Prepping For Fall series is nails. For those of you who can’t let go of your neon yellow polish, Julep’s got your back to help you with a smooth transition. To get you started, I’ve showcased three beautiful colors for three separate occasions with a lip suggestion to match. I also wrote a bit about their Maven program for those of you who haven’t joined. Let’s take a look… Read More

Pick your mouth back up the floor, I know you’re already drooling on sight! 4 inch, leather suede, stiletto heel, reaching 28 inches high to your upper thigh. Are you in love yet? Her name is Essie and she’s made by Jeffery Campbell. I’ve been waiting since Spring to pull these bad boys out of the box so the moment I felt a cool breeze, I threw her on with a leather dress. There’s only a size 7 available on but if you’re looking for something similar, I’ve set up some gorgeous alternatives under $200 down below. Enjoy :) Read More

Quick details from my Instagram post; red eye candy for your viewing pleasure. This Furla bag is a few seasons old now but it’s still available in various colors. I purchased it in Verve since I’m obsessed with anything red, however I’m pretty sure my collection is only beginning. Who wouldn’t want semi-transparent bags in neon and pastel shades?! Jelly bags for the win.

Furla Candy Bag in Verve [shop]
American Apparel Poplin Wallet [shop]
Ticonderoga Red Checking Pencils [shop]
American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Poppy [shop]
Moleskine Volant Notebook [shop]
Bamboo Karbrina Sandals [shop]
MBDTF Vinyl [shop]

If you’re looking to purchase your own candy bag, check out some of my favorite colors after the jump! Read More

You’re in your mid-twenties and you’ve reached a level of depression and confusion that you’ve never felt before. You’re young, carefree, with more energy than you realize and yet you couldn’t feel more confused about what you’re doing with your life. All you see is what you haven’t accomplished instead of everything you have successfully achieved. Am I right? As teenagers they warned us about pregnancy, drugs, STD’s, even the importance of your credit score; but no one gave me the slightest hint of what I would feel like going into my mid-twenties with no life direction. Read More