Now that you’ve got your hands on the most anticipated shoe of pre-fall, let’s take a moment to find the perfect outfit for them ey? We’re grown enough to know that less is more these days, and since these boots are heavy and loud it’s safe to say that they speak for themselves. Hence, today’s lesson is minimalism with a bold shoe. Don’t you dare step foot outside of your house in a matching red t-shirt or I will find you and expose you! The cold weather is creeping up slowly so get those denim shorts out for one more run. Here we paired them with a long sleeve shirt from ADYN to keep the outfit clean and proportioned. His black essentials (made up of an iPad, Mophie, and Moleskine planner) just sealed the deal. Read More

At 12:45 am we pulled up to the BBC flagship store in Soho to examine the line we were about to enter. 15 people were already there but that was a small enough number to assure us that we were each guaranteed a pair. After sleeping, talking, smoking, laughing, and sleeping some more, the doors were opened at 12pm on the dot and 5 people were let in at a time. Imagine everyone’s disappointment when each person opened up their box only to see the shoe wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. Read More

Raided my boyfriend’s closet once again for some good ol’ ADYN finds. Here, I am wearing their Long Sleeve DropBack Tee in white which is currently unavailable online so don’t shoot the messenger. Their latest Airtex collection is the perfect uniform for summer/fall so head over to to check it out. My shoes… Ahh, my shoes. I’ve been lusting for Kamis on Shoedazzle since January and kept holding off on purchasing them until last week when they showed up on sale for $13. No, I’m not kidding. With the free shipping, my total came out to $13.92 and there was not a chance on earth that I would pass that up. Gorgeous gladiator booties! Read More

I am very well aware of the continuing tragedies all around the globe.

I’m so aware that I drown in my own thoughts and I inadvertently create scenarios in my mind where I can faintly feel the pain felt by those in despair. I say faintly because.. I’m in America. I’m not writing this post to bash the U.S government or to blame them for secluding us into a brainwashed bubble where we have no idea that the world is ending because we’re too busy with first world problems. I’m also not writing this post to tell you that the news is the last place on Earth to cite reliable, factual information. Nor am I here to tell you that America has problems of their own and that if you wish to control any bit that you can, start with the genetically modified food you’re ingesting. No. That’s not what I’m laying in bed typing in the dark for. What I wish to tell you is that although I am intimately disturbed and disgusted by the crimes committed by humans on humans at this very moment, I hope that when you visit you are somewhat relieved. That if just for a second, I can supply you with a breath of fresh air in a genuine place with honest accounts of products, people, and places that I love and wish to pass on to you. I envision myself and my family in devastating situations like the attack on Gaza and I count each and every blessing for the ability to sleep under a safe roof tonight. I cannot imagine trying to comfort and protect my 1 year old nephew during bomb explosions blazing around us..

I will always continue to blog for you, my very special reader and supporter, in hopes that my stories and features can distract you from your everyday stress and provide you with a glimpse into the good in this world.

With that said, wherever you are reading this from, I hope you are safe, sound, and surrounded by love.

With love,

I’m sharing this lookbook with bittersweet emotions. The heels you are about to see are so so so precious to me, yet this was the first and probably last time I will ever wear them. Asos Primal was available in two colors, black and white, for $85.74. By the time I discovered them my size was sold out but of course, with my stubborn and unsatisfied wants for the things I can’t have, I had to have them. I opted for a size smaller knowing they would never fit correctly. I lasted about 19 minutes during shooting until I felt like my toes were being binded and tortured. They will never be anything more than eye candy.. Read More

You’ve been putting off cleaning your desk, and let’s be honest, your room looks like a hurricane victim. You’ve been too busy to do laundry and the only reason you know what day of the week you’re in is because you’re counting down until Friday. If you clicked this article, a little piece of your subconscious is hinting you to GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER. Enough procrastinating and enough waiting for “tomorrow”. Nothing sparks motivation like an organized environment. I might have failed most of high school because I was too busy staring at boys but, please believe my school supplies were always on point. Take some notes… Read More